With just the right balance of chocolate chips and cookie dough - Maryland, the Nation’s favourite cookie brand, can bring some Maryland magic to any of your biscuit occasions.

No matter where you enjoy your Maryland moment, you can rely on us to bring some magic to:

- Your lunchbox: Our treaty Mini’s and Big and Chunky snack packs
- Your mid-morning tea break: Our everyday Snapjacks range
- Your after school snack or mid-afternoon cuppa: Our original Maryland Cookies range
- Your evening indulgence in front of the TV: Our glorious Big & Chunky range
- Your Saturday 5 minute sit down: Our delicious new Gooeys range

Have you seen Maryland on TV?

Maryland’s 2013 TV campaign revolves around a family of talking mugs who are brought together by their love of Maryland cookies despite their very different personalities. The advert reflects the brand’s warm, friendly spirit and is based on the insight that Maryland cookies are a perfect accompaniment to a hot drink.

Tasty Facts

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  • The Maryland secret recipe was introduced to the UK from the US and the first Maryland cookies were baked here in 1956.
  • Maryland is bought and enjoyed by more than 1 in 4 households (Kantar 52 w/e 28th Oct’12), which makes Maryland the 6th biggest sweet biscuit brand in the UK (IRI Value Sales 52 w/e 22nd December 2012)
  • Maryland is now a £49 million brand (IRI Value Sales 52 w/e 22nd December 2012)


Did you know?

If every Maryland cookie baked in a single year was laid side by side, the line of cookies would wrap around the Equator 1.5 times!

Nutrition and guideline daily amounts

Typical values:   Per biscuit Per 100g Child 5-10 All adults
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