Being Yourself at Burton's 
Inclusion & Diversity

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Inclusion & Diversity means 'Being Yourself at Burton's'. We believe that we are a more successful and fun place to work when people feel free to be themselves.
 At Burton's Biscuits, we've set about reviewing what we currently do to create an inclusive and diverse environment and what more we wanted to do. Our first step was to get clear on what we wanted to achieve:
 •To continue our work on further developing an inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome
 •Create a more inclusive and diverse workforce and everybody to get behind ‘Being Yourself at Burton’s no matter where they work in our group.
 •To empower all our people to be the best they can be. No matter what role, department, ethnicity, background, gender or style.
 •Provide equal opportunity for all employees to share their views to fully understand our teams' needs in creating an inclusive culture and to build an environment of continuous reflection and improvement.

Our Key Focus Areas:

Statement and Strapline

"We are a more successful and fun place to work when people feel free to be themselves"

At Burton's we believe in the power of being authentic and being able to 'Be Yourself'.

Understanding our customers is crucial to our success, so having a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers is vital. 

As a business we are committed to the continuous improvement of diversity and equality in the workplace and we welcome talented individuals from all backgrounds who share our Pride and Passion for Baking Great Biscuits and Snacks