The famous Wagon Wheel has been a lunch box favourite for generations.

With their epic sense of adventure, Wagon Wheels are loved by kids and grown-ups alike with their unique marshmallow centre, chocolate flavour coating and crunchy biscuit, they are the perfect lunch time treat.

Tasty Facts:

  • Wagon Wheels were first launched more than 60 years ago in 1948, when the wild west was a popular ye haaa. In fact John Wayne was a big movie star and in that year alone stared in 3 country and western block busters!
  • Throughout time Wagon Wheels has had a number of advertising campaigns featuring some celebrity stars such as French and Saunders, and Keith Chegwin.
  • Dynamo the Magician loves Jammie Wagon Wheels and declared it on Twitter to all 700,000 of his followers.
  • Wagon Wheels are enjoyed all around the world from the UK to Australia.

Did you know?

Wagon Wheel fans enjoy more than 125 million of these tasty treats every year.

Nutrition and guideline daily amounts

Typical values:   Per biscuit Per 100g Child 5-10 All adults
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