19 Aug 2021


Jammie Dodgers is stretching beyond jam and launching an exciting new Choccie Dodger to its £24.4m*1 portfolio, meeting growing demand for Milk Chocolate Biscuits (+13.3%*2) and driving incrementality to the biscuit fixture.

Choccie Dodgers will see the brand’s iconic sweet and sticky jam replaced with a deliciously smooth, chocolatey flavoured cream. This exciting extension to the Dodgers range will launch into Tesco and Sainsbury’s this week, before rolling out across the grocery and impulse channels.


The major brand development is described by Burton’s Biscuit Company as ‘a significant innovation for Dodgers’.

“Jammie Dodgers is one of the UK’s best-loved biscuit brands bought by over 1 in 5 UK households across the UK*3, so we appreciate just how important it is to give consumers the best tasting product that delights both parents and their cheeky little mischief makers” says Kate Needham, Marketing Director at Burton’s Biscuits.

“The new launch builds on what Jammie Dodgers does best by providing a combination of full-on flavour at the heart of an iconic biscuit packed with personality. The ‘choc, choc!’ pack theme, aligns with Jammie Dodgers’ mischievous and playful family persona.” 

This latest launch from the £24.4m brand*1 – which became vegan-friendly last year – is reflective of Burton’s continued focus on investing in its stable of iconic British biscuits, making them relevant to today’s shoppers and ‘fit for the future’.

The introduction of the new ‘Choccie’ variant follows extensive research which has highlighted how it will drive consumers to the biscuit fixture.

“A +4.0% growth in spend across Chocolate Biscuits from Jammie Dodgers Shoppers highlights the desire for chocolate offerings from our consumers. As a result, we expect growth to come from brand loyalists buying Choccie Dodgers and, more importantly, from consumers who are new to the Dodgers brand trading up from everyday biscuits” explains Kate.

“We know Jammie Dodgers over indexes with Young Family Shoppers but we have a clear opportunity to grow our universal family appeal with strategic innovation that really cuts through. Stretching beyond jam and adding chocolate to our proposition will target these shoppers, generating excitement and incremental sales.”

The introduction of the new ‘Choccie Dodgers’ follows a year of sustained growth for Dodgers with over 31.6m packs sold last year*3. Since 2019 the Dodgers brand has grown over 15%*1, boosting retailers’ profits while significantly outperforming the category.    

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*2 Kantar WPO (52 w/e. 21.03.2021)
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