07 Apr 2020

Staying Safe To Feed The Nation

Teams across Burton’s bakeries have been praised for the way in which they have embraced new working practices to stay safe in the face of COVID-19, whilst continuing to feed the nation.

Sweeping new measures have introduced at all production sites to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our bakery colleagues.

Distancing of 2 metres lies at the heart of our commitment to fully comply with all food manufacture guidance issued by the UK government and Public Health England, with social distancing champions appointed to ensure this happens.

Other measures taken include changes to the design of workstations, including the introduction of clear plastic screens where necessary, along with the new clocking on and off procedures.

NHS posters stressing the importance of key initiatives such as social distancing and hand washing/sanitizing are being displayed, with information also being broadcast through TV screens, laptops and computer stations.
“We recognise these are really challenging times, but the way in which our bakery colleagues are meeting the challenge head-on, and following the guidance we’re providing, is hugely appreciated by everyone within and outside the company,” says Technical Director David Godsmark.

“The nation needs the food industry like never before and Burton’s is playing a key role in providing some normality to people’s everyday lives at a time when they really need it.

“The UK is hugely reliant on imported food, so at times like this domestic production capacity is vital.”
The efforts being made by Burton’s and other food manufacturers have been acknowledged at government level, with Environment Secretary George Eustice describing those working in the food and drink industry as ‘hidden heroes.

“Those of you working to provide the nation with food and other essentials are delivering an absolutely vital service,” he said.