The Burton’s story is a simple one, about Great British Brands that are loved in households throughout the world.

The Burton’s story is a simple one, it’s about Great British Brands and Great British Biscuits that have been lovingly baked in the UK since 1935. Our history can be traced back to George Burton (born in 1829) who began baking biscuits in Leek, Staffordshire in the mid 1800’s.

Under the family’s stewardship, the Burton’s bakery grew swiftly, and our biscuits and other snack foods became staples in UK households throughout the 1900’s. The seeds of Burtons’ focus on quality and innovative spirit were planted early on in the company’s history as it pioneered new manufacturing processes and technologies; along with its biscuits winning numerous accolades in international taste tests.

In 2000, Burton’s Biscuit Company was formed following the merger of the Horizon Biscuit Company Ltd. and Burton’s Gold Medal Biscuits. In 2013, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan bought Burton’s and we continued on our journey of baking sensation biscuits and snacks for every UK household and much further afield – those Australians can’t get enough of our fabulous cookies!

We are incredibly lucky to work in the world of baking delicious biscuits and employ an army of over 2000 biscuit experts across the UK. You may be able to find any one of us in either one of our three manufacturing facilities (Llantarnam, Edinburgh and Blackpool), at our chocolate refinery in Moreton or our central distribution hub in Liverpool. Otherwise, we may be found busily coming up with new product ideas at our head office in St. Albans.

1829 – George Burton was born

1874 – George Burton opens his first bakery

1935 – George’s grandson, Joseph founded Burton’s Biscuits

1938 – Lyon’s biscuits were launched

1948 – Wagon Wheels were launched

1952 – Royal Edinburgh Shortbread was launched

1956 – Maryland Cookies were launched

1960 – Jammie Dodgers were launched

1980’s – Potato Puffs and Fish’n’Chips were launched

More Recently – New ranges of biscuits and packs to suit every sweet treat occasion…

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