Company Vision

Simply put we are committed to ‘Making Every Day More of a Treat’. This is the guiding principle behind everything we do and means that we are 100% committed to quality and innovation. To us, a ‘treat’ is nothing less than a deliciously tasty biscuit that will delight our customers every time and ensure they come back for more.

Company Vision

In business terms our aim is to build on our current position as a leading producer of quality biscuits by focusing on our four main strengths

Quality: We have invested heavily in our operational infrastructure to ensure that we continue to produce premium quality products that are good value for money. A £25m capital investment programme was recently launched across our operation to enable us to enhance our production capabilities with state of the art technology and equipment and best-in-class training initiatives for our employees.

Innovation: We continue to invest significantly in our Power Brands to ensure that we are leading the way in the biscuit market place.  This is crucial to our success and an essential part of our four year plan.

Pace: In recent years we have become a much more agile business and can respond quickly to changes in the marketplace, on both a corporate and brand level. This means we can bring new and exciting products to the market faster than other biscuit manufacturers.

International Expansion: Part of our future strategy involves taking some of Britain’s most iconic and well-loved brands to the international market. Over the past year, we’ve significantly upweighted our distribution capabilities through partnerships with some of the world’s leading retailers. Further exciting plans are in place which will allow us to realise our ambitious international expansion plans.

Our History

The very first Burton’s biscuits were produced by George Burton in his Blackpool bakery way back in 1829.

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