Available in pack sizes for all occasions, Cathedral City Baked Bites are the perfect way to enjoy the taste of the nation’s favourite cheese brand wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. With 20% real Cathedral City grated cheddar baked straight into our dough until golden, they are a deliciously cheesy snack. Check out our cheesy facts below!

Tasty Facts:

  • Cathedral City Baked Bites contain 20% real grated cheddar.
  • They launched first in the UK in October 2013, and are now available nationwide.
  • It took 38 recipes to get to the perfect Cathedral City Baked Bite.
  • Each delicious Baked Bite has the Cathedral City logo stamped onto it, so you can be sure it contains your favourite cheddar cheese.







Nutrition and guideline daily amounts

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Typical values:   Per biscuit Per 100g Child 5-10 All adults
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