24 Oct 2019

Burton's X Simon

What do you do at Burton's? 
I am the Health & Safety Manager for Thomas Fudges. My role is to ensure that our site is safe and our employees have a good working enviroment. 

What does your typical day look like? 
I always walk the bakery in the morning and engage with staff whislt making sure that any Health & Safety matters or any enquiries are dealt with. I attend a daily KPI meeting where Health & Safety is discussed and work closely with the Bakery Manager, HR Manger, and Engineering Manager on daily tasks across the site.

How long have you worked at Burton's? 
I started working for the actual Fudge family in 1991 as a Bread Baker and moved up through the company in various junior and senior management roles, I am now very exited to now be part of the Burton's family which we joined in February​ 2019.

Why do you love working at Burton's?
It's a great environment to work in and the people are lovely to work with and have helped to create a positive and friendly place to work, I also feel that becoming part of the Burton's family is an exciting opportunity to be part of a successful growing business.

What is your favourite part of your role?
Interactions with staff from the management to the bakery to help resolve, implement and improve Thomas Fudge's (part of the Burton's family) and this has helped me to learn, develop and gain knowledge.

How has Burton's supported you and your development?
Thomas Fudge's  are very supportive and have helped me to find courses to learn and develop my skills, I am now really excited to now be part of Burton's family to further my training and skills.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining the family?
You would be joining a great company which is going from strength to strength who wants every member of staff to feel they are part of a big family. Every single employee plays a positive role within the business and Burton's invests in it's employees and makes us all feel valued.