24 Oct 2019

Burton's X Alan

What do you do at Burton's? 
I'm Alan and work in the process department as part of a team which ensures all the biscuits we make are as perfect as our customers expect and deserve.

What does your typical day look like? 
When i arrive at work i have a handover from the previous shift, hoping any problems can be sorted immediately using the skills we have. Always adhering to deadlines, health and safety and quality are paramount in this role. We always leave the bakery at the end of our shift as we would expect to find it. 

How long have you worked at Burton's? 
I have worked at Burton's for over 2 years.

What other roles have you had at Burton's? 
I started as a packer, and have also worked in various position on the mixing floor. 

Why do you love working at Burton's?
I love the job knowing am part of something regarded as a national institution. I grew up with Wagon Wheels in my lunchbox, and now this is shown as a sparkle in my eye when I tell people where work! 

What is your favourite part of your role?
Job satisfaction is always inevitable in the hands of the consumer. When I hear how much people love our products it always gives me a Buzz! I have two families and my 'Burton's family" is just as important to me as my biological heritage. 

How has Burton's supported you and your development?
Everyone here is affable and is willing to take the time to listen and support you. Last year I was involved in the Burton’s Big idea where colleagues around all our Bakeries were invited to develop some new biscuit thinking, I was a finalist and got to pitch my idea Infront of our CEO and COO this was such a great experience.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining the family?
Go for it! If you enjoy a biscuit and want to contribute to what is a national delicacy, come on board and give it your best!