21 Aug 2020


Children across the UK will be encouraged to get active and have fun thanks to an action-packed on-pack promotion from Burton’s Biscuit Company.

Timed to coincide with the key ‘Back to School’ occasion, the ‘Minis Get Moving’ promotion will feature on approximately three million Minis packs of family favourites Maryland Choc Chip and Maryland Double Chip Mini Cookies.

The on-pack kicks off “Minis Get Moving”, an ongoing initiative from Burton’s, with the company committed to promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, and helping families to get active in fun, accessible ways

An instant win mechanic will give families the opportunity to win an array of prizes, redeemable through online vouchers, including FitBit Ace 2s, bikes, scooters, skateboards and family prizes such as trampolines, garden play equipment and games – perfect for back-garden fun during lockdown.

What’s more, everyone who purchases a promotional pack will be eligible to claim a free ‘Kids Go Free’ voucher, valid against hundreds of sports and leisure activities around the country and redeemable for a year after the promotion ends, when in a post-lockdown world appetite for families days out will be greater than ever - including canoeing, horse riding, tennis and mountain biking, maximising the positive impact of the campaign for families across the UK.

The ‘Mini’s Get Moving’ initiative will build on Burton’s tireless work to lead the way in portion control, which began in 2018 by reducing the calorie content of its biscuits with a 20% sugar and calorie reduction across the portfolio. This was followed by the launch of the ‘Under 100 Cal Club’ last year, the UK’s first and biggest range of reduced calorie biscuits, giving consumers an increased choice of permissible snacks under 100 calories.

Kate Needham, Burton’s Biscuit Co’s Marketing Director says: “Having become accustomed to spending more time at home, today’s children are the least active generation ever with less than 20% achieving the recommended 60 minutes of activity each day. We want to inspire them to discover ways to become more active, but in a way that is less about competitive sport and much more about playing and having fun!
“We know that not having the right kit or equipment can be a barrier to exercise and play, so for the first of many promotions within our on-going ‘Mini’s Get Moving’ initiative, we’re providing children and their families with just what they need to have fun and try something new.

“We expect the promotion to really drive purchase. Not only will it enable children to have fun whilst being active, we know that 33% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product featuring an on-pack promotion.”
The ‘Minis Get Moving’ promotion is scheduled to run from mid-August to 7th November. To enter, consumers simply visit a microsite (www.minisgetmoving.com), choose a prize category and enter their details and a batch code. The site also features a host of ideas for families to become more active together.