23 Oct 2019

JD Sweet at Heart

Celebrating mischief with Jammie Dodgers ‘Sweet at Heart’ campaignJammie Dodgers are bringing smiles to the nation’s faces yet again, but this time it’s with their new marketing campaign. The fully integrated campaign reminds people that no matter how mischievous children can be, we love them for it because they’re ‘Sweet at Heart’.A fun-filled marketing driveThe campaign comprises a series of fun images showing the lovable, laughable antics children get up to such as ‘helping’ with the baking. Supporting activity includes integrated Facebook and YouTube campaigns using animated creatives, boosted by outdoor advertising targeting shoppers on the move, front-of-store and in-store advertising. All activity is amplified by social influencers who share the same playful outlook on life.

“Children can be naïve and sometimes outright cheeky when they create mischief, and we’ll be capturing the moment when parents forgive their naughtiness because underneath it they know they have good intentions – or as we say – they’re ‘Sweet at Heart’” says Kate Needham, Burton’s Biscuit’s Marketing Director. A biscuit that doesn’t take life too seriously“In the process we’ll be reminding the nation’s biscuit lovers that Jammie Dodgers are similarly playful and mischievous, and of course fun to eat – a permissible biscuit that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We’re encouraging families to do the same.”