22 Apr 2020


Stories of Burton’s hidden heroes going the extra mile to help people in need in these challenging times are plentiful and none more so than Blackpool Bakery colleague Bernie Glen.

Logistics Supervisor Bernie (aged 65) has worked for Burton’s for 40 years and his long-standing support for the local community has never been more needed, or welcome.

Ensuring he adheres to all social distancing guidelines, at the end of each shift Bernie hands out up to 40 bags of biscuits, which he prepares himself, to appreciative locals.

Bernie uses freshly-baked biscuits from the end of production runs and his bags of great-tasting goodies include household favourites such as Maryland Cookies, the nation’s No.1 cookie.

“I see a lot of hardship out there and there are a lot of people who really are struggling. I wanted to do something to make a difference. I don’t tell anyone my name. I just say I’m from Burton’s Biscuits, would you like a bag of biscuits?,” he said.

“I can’t tell you how grateful people are and what I think is a small gesture on my part seems to be making a real impact in the local community. I’m also really grateful that the company (Burton’s) allows me to get on with it.”

As well as providing biscuits for local charities, he has left them on people’s doorsteps. If he sees someone he thinks is in need, he’ll donate a bag, no matter what their circumstances may be.

Bernie has never sought any publicity or thanks, but one local resident was so grateful that she contacted her local media to make them aware of his support.

“It’s not about praise or publicity, it’s about doing your bit for people who for whatever reason have fallen on hard times, or just need a little help. And you’d be amazed just how much difference a bag of biscuits can make,” he said.

Blackpool Bakery Manager Andrea Burgoyne said Bernie was making an outstanding contribution to the local community and described him as an ‘unsung hero’.

Blackpool-based colleague, Customer Services Team Lead Peter Benny, is also playing a key role in co-ordinating Burton’s large-scale donations to the NHS and charities large and small across the UK. Blackpool charities to have received support include Blackpool Council, the town’s Victoria Hospital, Blackpool Care and Share and Amazing Grace, a locally based soup kitchen.

Image Credit: Blackpool Gazette