Baking great quality biscuits is, and always has been, at the heart of what we do, but Burton's is so much more than that. We also believe in making every day more of a treat for our local communities, and we continue to build a culture and company like no other.

Palm Oil

As members of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), we’ve long recognised the benefits of using ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials. All of our bulk palm oil is purchased from sustainable, segregated sources and we have been members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2006.

RSPO Certificate Number: 4-0016-06-000-00  BMT-RSPO-000042


Our cocoa based products are only sourced from suppliers that are members of the ICI (International Cocoa Initiative) or the WCF (World Cocoa Foundation), organisations which work to ensure the ethical responsibility and environmental sustainability of the industry, respectively.


We use 100% barn or free-range eggs, sourced from suppliers which maintain traceable auditing processes for reassurance and wherever possible, we actively look to source locally produced ingredients for our products.


This not only helps support the local economies in which we operate, but also gives us additional reassurance over the provenance and quality of our ingredients. Doing our part to help safeguard the future of the environment remains a focus for Burton’s Biscuit Company, both within the local communities in which we operate, and further afield.

Waste Reduction

We actively work with all of our partners and other organisations across our supply chain to minimise our collective impact on the environment by adopting actionable and achievable targets to reduce carbon emissions and trim our use of natural resources.


We’re continuously working to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging materials we use for our products. We’re also making strides towards achieving our zero-waste to landfill objectives.

We are actively building positive relationships with our local communities and are keen to provide our support to charitable causes and community initiatives, encouraging our employees to get involved and ensuring they are provided with our support in doing so. Company time, resources and most of all passion, is all committed to supporting the development of facilities, amenities and projects in our local communities.


Nutritional Information

Burton’s Biscuit Company is committed to providing high quality products which excite and delight our customers, shoppers and consumers, whilst being part of a balanced diet.

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