There’s hardly a person in the country who doesn’t love a Cadbury Finger - young or old, tall or short, male or female!

This scrumptious treat is a national treasure, with the perfect combination of delicious Cadbury Milk chocolate and crunchy shortcake biscuit. Their unique finger-like shape makes treat time that little bit more fun! Cadbury Fingers, for the good times!

Tasty facts:

  • Cadbury Fingers as we know and love them today were launched in 1951, but they’ve been enjoyed as part of Cadbury Biscuit Assortments since 1987!
  • Cadbury Fingers is the best selling special treat biscuit worth a whopping £40m*
  • Fingers can now be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere with our new individually wrapped bags of Little and Mini Fingers- perfect for kids and ‘grown-ups’ alike!
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, give our White chocolate Cadbury Fingers a whirl and keep your eyes peeled for two new exciting flavours available early next year!


*Nielsen, Special Treat Biscuits, Total Coverage, Value Sales, we 28.03.15

Did you know?

Over one billion Cadbury Fingers are consumed in the UK every year. That’s an average of 36 every single second!

Nutrition and guideline daily amounts

Typical values:   Per biscuit Per 100g Child 5-10 All adults
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