Maryland Cookies has hired an official Cookie Taster to join its team. Yep, that’s right, the Nation’s No.1 Cookie Brand has been on the hunt for the UK’s biggest Maryland Cookies fan to taste test cookies for a full day, and get paid for it.


After being flooded with job applications from wannabe cookie tasters, the vacancy was filled by Twickenham’s Sacha Patrick, who submitted her winning ode to a Maryland Cookies. Her poetic entry had the bite the brand was looking for, so Maryland Cookie’s made Sacha’s dreams come true and crowned her the winner.

Here’s a sneak peek of her poem:

As part of the role, Sacha and her guest rocked up to work at Maryland Innovation Centre in Edinburgh, for a full day of cookie tasting and making. The pair tasted an entire variety of different cookies and offered their thoughts and suggestions on how to make Maryland cookies even more tasty (if that’s even possible?!). They were also given the chance to create their own dream cookie and watch it become a reality: a Rocky Road topped cookie and a Mermaid Magic sparkle cookie. 

In order to bag this dream job, applicants had to prove just how much they loved Maryland Cookies by professing what lengths they would go to for one. From facing hungry lions to trading in boyfriends – the nation went crazy for the official cookie-taster position.